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This website is devoted primarily to Animals and Anime, but links to the webpages of my family and friends may also be found here.

Personal message to Jane Margaret Halderman Spence. I love you. I miss you. Please contact me!

Coddled Critters

Coddled Critters

Loving Your Pets is What We Do! Whether you are at work, vacationing, lead a busy lifestyle, or just need help, Coddled Critters is committed to providing our clients in Suburban Southwest and West...

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LaLa Land - Personal Pages of LaLainya, Robby & Forest Johnson
Including Anime Cel Gallery, Pet Picture Pages, and Forest's Book of Demons

Marmalade Boy Shrine

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Collector coffee-table books. Hand-Strung Venetian Glass and Crystal Earrings. Buttons.

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