Natsuki Sasahara
w/ parasites on hands
Batanen-chan &
Fantasy Natsuki
episode 13 NFS
episode 25 "the choice is yours Natsuki...a world of only humans or live in the world as it is" What does she choose? Watch the series and find out. >^_^< NFS
episode 21 Natsuki forgot about him so he created 3 fantasy Natsuki's to love him NFS


Nagisa & Sakura
episode 25 "my future..." NFS
episode 12 little girl gave them bells, Natsuki was putting hers on an Sakura is shaking her piggy bank cause she sold hers for 350Y NFS
episode 10 NFS


Batanen Fujioka
Cat Bandits
Nagisa & Sakura
eating Natsuki's cooking? NFS
I think this is where Sakura tells Natsuki she can take her time to pay back the money...but she will be charging interest NFS

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