Marmalade Boy
the on-line Marmalade Boy encyclopedia. General information, Character Guide, TV episode guide (and summaries), Book/manga information, CD information, UFO catcher dolls, Collector cards, Seiyuu (voice actor/actress) information

Tsuchiya Kei's Lizard Live House
wonderful Kei-kun shrine

Neko-chan's Kawaii Marmalade Boy Page
introduction, all about mb, the 3 seasons, characters, gallery, manga, marmalade boy dating game, win a mb award and more

Mustard Girl
A Marmalade Boy/Ranma 1/2 parallel-world crossover
"The problems started when Miki's parents married Ranma's. The problems got worse when Miki realised Ranma was cute." Fun fanfic

Seseragi Info, Original Marmalade, Relationships, Characters, Translations, Images and more

Marmalade Boy Rules!
introduction, characters, pictures

Marmalade Handbook
introduction, character guide, place guide, episode synopsis and timeline, anime, manga, music, FAQ, curiosities & more

Marmalade Boy Japanese Language, nice backgrounds

Marmalade Boy

MB World
mostly in Spainish but lots of good info

Marmalade Boy

Picture Gallery "a picture gallery site devoted to archiving any Marmalade Boy illustrations I can get my hands on."

The (sorta) Official Marmalade Boy Poll Results
last updated July 30, 1997...but still interesting.

Souo Ginta
Ginta shrine, music, images

Marmalade Boy Best Moments, Now Yuu are Cooking! Bittersweet - The Picture Gallery, Sounds, What is Marmalade Boy? Information, Characters, Get your own free Yuu Mail, The Super Happy Fun Smiling Seiyuu Game!! Fan art and fiction & more


Boy at Tokyo Pop

P-chan's Marmalade Boy
General Information, Characters, Episode List, The Movie, Manga Information, Image Gallery




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