episode 1.
Miki's parents, serve tea and tell her of their plan to partner-swap with the Matsura's... Miki thinks her parents are nuts!


Miki & Miwa

Miki & Chiyako

Miki & Rumi
episode 18.
Racing for possession of Yuu
episode 21.
she's telling Miki that Yuu's teasing is his way of showing he likes her
getting ready for her date with Miwa


Miki & Miwa
Miki & Michael
Miki & classmates
he dances her out on the steps
think Meiko is in the office...


Miki & her boss Rei who owns K's Coop

Miki & Kei

Miki & classmates
job after Bobson's


Miki & Meiko

episode 16.
End of the episode at the train station right after Na-chan says good-bye & leaves


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