Yuu & Miwa

Arimi & Yuu

Rokutunda, Ginta, Yuu
episode 22.
Yuu and Miwa are going to meet thier father.
episode 14.
Arimi runs up and professes her love and kisses Yuu in the school courtyard
episode 9. challenge!


Rokutunda, Ginta, Yuu

Yuu & Ginta

Yuu & Michael
episode 9. Competition to see which boy can make the most sales.
episode 6.
this is right before the tennis competition at Sagaki Academy


Suzu & Yuu
Suzu & Yuu
Yuu & Anju
episode 28. She was just told to stop pressuring him to go out with her to dinner.
episode 31.
He is actually making her learn what he is tutoring
episode 37.
'An' and Yuu meet in the train station


Yuu, Chiyako (Yuu's mom), Miwa Yoshimitsu (Miwa's dad), & Miwa

Yuu & customer

Yuu & Bill
episode 23.
episode 9.
Yuu and a customer during the "challenge"


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