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The Ranma 1/2 FAQ Translation of chapter 38, Details on Rumiko Takahashi's Next Series!!, translation of the interview with Rumiko Takahashi in the Memorial Book, Scanned images, An annotated graphical Who's Who, MARTIAL ARTS by character descriptions, Special moves, Detailed special moves descriptions, statistics and a case study on Ranma. MANGA SYNOPSUS INDEX, JAPANESE LANGUAGE AND CULTURE The hiragana, katakana, an explanation of kana, and romaisation, Names and speical moves translations and Japanese in English. OTHER QUESTIONS AND INFORMATION Getting hold of Ranma products, Ranma on the Net, Ranma the anime, music and singers for the anime, Notes for Fan-Fic Authors, reality and timelines, about Rumiko Takahashi, and the ending and the future.







Ranma 1/2 Perfect Edition character, items, locations, manga summaries, anime summaries, music & lyrics, video games, gallery, cultural notes, Rumiko Takahashi, messageboard, interviews, oddities


Ranma World Kasumi's cookbook, character descriptions,

Rei's Ranma Manga Summaries Quick Index of Original Japanese Volumes Book 1 - 6, Book 9, Books 13 - 14, Book 18, Book 20, Books 24 - 26, Book 28 -38 (last book; with spoilers) All books are the Japanese Shonen Sunday tankobon compilations

AniPike: Ranma 1/2 Personal/Combo Pages

Akane hits Ranma all the time, right? attempt to dispel the myth: That Akane Hits Ranma All the Time

Calisto's Top Ten Ranma 1/2 Rejected Lines fun top 10 lists

The Kuno Files: Dispelling Fan Misconceptions Proud to be the second most controversial Ranma webpage

The Anything-Goes Anime Dojo image gallery, Akane cooking tips, oracle of panda

Ranma 1/2 Beyond Ever wonder what Ryouga's son would be like? Or whether or not Genma and Nodoka had any children after Ranma? What about the lesser seen characters, like Mariko, Ryuu, or Pantyhose Taro? What kind of chaos could their children cause? After over two years of on-line play, we think we may have the answer.

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Ranma1/2 MP3'S!! one of the biggest mp3 list on the net; There are also some songs available from Ranma1/2! These are not MP3s. They are the songs without the words sung in them. They are still very good!

The Ultimate Guide to the Music of Ranma 1/2 extensive information on a wide variety of Ranma musical topics. Midis, lyrics, track listings and album covers

Akane This site is just one of the best featuring the cutest girl of Ranma , our Heroine, Akane Tendo!

Ranma 1/2 Romance Gallery


SchoolGirl 5's Ranma 1/2 Shrine

Ranma 1/2 Midi's!!!

Ranma 1/2 Music Shrine Who's who, Image Gallery, Music Shrine

The Ranma 1/2 Animated Gif Collection The (as far as I know) Largest collection of Ranma Gifs on the net!




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