Forest's Demon Gallery


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Two Skull

The warrior of the night. He takes dozens of heads in one clean sweep -- taking the heads off his foes as trophies.

height: 22 ft. 10 in.

lives: any place that's dark


9 Toed Rock Beast

Beasts that lurks in the desert. When poachers come after them, they throw rocks to protect themselves.

average height: 18 ft. 5 in.

lives: desert



Demon of the Black Shadow

A demon that lurks in the shadows. He can change shape, height, and form to take out his victims without them knowing.

height: any size

lives: anywhere


Dead Wanderer

Ripped apart in his final battle it was revived by magic and kills all who kill the good or the bad.

height: 10 ft. 3 in.

lives: anywhere