Guest Demon Gallery


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If you have a picture of a demon (or monster) you created that you want me to put in this gallery e-mail it to me, along with any information you want posted with it. This includes personal information (name, age, location) and a bio on your demon.
PS my mom said I should make another gallery for ANY art for people who don't wanna draw demons and you can send any pictures you want me to put up.

Floating Head

Created by Alex Thomas
Age 14
Houston, TX
April 2004








The Hidden Figurine

By day disguised as a human by wearing their flesh, at night this dangerous demon kills anything in sight using human flesh. His lightly black cape lures you in and then he strikes again and again.

height: 27ft 9 in
type: shadow demon
lives: dark places and shadows

Created by Chris Towe
Age 11
Houston, TX