Poe and Chi

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Color: Poe - Black

Chi - Brown Tabby with White


My boys (sadly for me) now live with my mother-in-law and her boyfriend (Lynda and Herb).

Chi was born in my house to a stray kitten I had taken in named Muse. She was a DSH Saddleback Tabby. Chi wanted to be an outdoor cat, which was not an option in our neighborhood as cats in Houston are subject to the leash law and our next door neighbor calls traps cats and has Animal Control pick them up. Chi started tearing up loaves of bread. He didn't want to eat it -- he just wanted to tear it up. And he tried to run out the door every chance he got. So he went to live with my mother-in-law where he is out in the country and has lots of land to roam around on. He is welcome indoors when he chooses to be, and even has his own rocking chair.

When Chi was still a kitten, my sister brought me Poe. She had found him laying in the middle of the road, curled up in a little ball. He wasn't afraid of cars, and didn't move when she stopped her car next to him to pick him up. Which is why she just had to stop and get him and bring him to me! Poe was a sweet and loving lap cat. He and Chi fast became best friends and were inseperable. Poe was miserable when Chi left. He would no longer sit in my lap, he walked around crying...and he started spraying my closet even though he was nuetered. So with many tears, he went off to live with Chi. It took him about a month to adjust.

I miss my boys and I don't have much opportunity to visit them but I know they are well-loved and spoiled rotten. Chi adopted Herb as his human and Poe adopted Lynda.

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