My Goats

I know next to nothing about goats, and yet I find myself raising two babies.

They were both purchased (rescued) from a meat market
where they would not have been cared for and would have been left to die.

Mr. Eko was born 12/21/05 and came to live with me on 12/22/05.
His mom was a gray agouti color with tiny ears like his. She died 12/24/05.

Cyren was born 12/25/05 and came to live with me 12/26/05.
She was a twin but her brother did not survive.
Their mom was white with floppy ears and way bigger than Mr. Eko's mom.
Technically, Cyren is not mine, she belongs to my little sister...
but I am raising her and she lives in my house so she counts as mine as far as I am concerned.


Pictures of Mr. Eko

Pictures of Cyren

Pictures of Mr. Eko and Cyren together