More information and pictures to come, but in the meantime, here are some pictures at least!

Here is a little bit of information on Jasmin.

Jasmin was a mid content wolfdog. Her father was 1/2 acrtic wolf and 1/2 Malamute from Alaska and her mother was 1/2 timberwolf and 1/2 German Shepherd.

She was my first wolfdog and the most wonderful companion. I got her in 1993 from a man named Steve who lived in Austin, TX after a miscarriage. She was 3 weeks old and being bottlefed - just what I needed. She was gentle and loyal.

She has a very rough start her first year. First she had an unplanned litter of puppies when she was 6 months old after the neighbors dog dug into our yard - it was my first time to have a dog break in (and the LAST!)

She wasn't even a primarily outdoor dog, she just happened to be out in her own yard...

It was around this time that the new flea applications were coming out and I was very pleased with myself for buying the Defend and keeping her flea free... until one day we came home and found her passed out. At that time we discovered she was NOT flea free (I just didn't notice them down in her very thick fur). She had to have 2 blood transfusions and 3 IV's. We had to call professional Flea Busters out - and they had to come back out twice to get rid of the fleas! I have never had such a problem before or since...


I will add more information and pictures as I find them.











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