Muse & Baby Photos

Muse DOB: approx September 20, 1999

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Color: Saddleback Tabby


Muse came to live with us when she was very small (5 - 6 weeks) after she was found on a neighbors porch Halloween 1999. She got to be MY treat! She wasn't ever supposed to have kittens. She got out and got pregnant before I got her spayed though and I couldn't bring myself to have the babies aborted. We found them all homes and Muse was spayed after they were gone. Muse was run over in front of our house in mid-November 2002. She was a wonderful cat and I miss her still.

First born was blue cream female

Second born was gray and white female

Another picture of 2nd

Fourth born was a dark gray and white male

Third born was Chi a brown tabby male with white

Fifth born was a black and white female

Another picture of #5