Top 7 Important Factors in a Web Site

  1. Search words: doctor, physician, healthcare, urgent care, medical care, area (i.e. southwest Houston, Sugar Land, street names, zip code, clinic name)
  2. Easy navigation. The more interactive your site is and the more information it contains the more often people will return to it. The more they return to it, the more likely they will be to use your services when it is time.
  3. FAQ (A list of frequently asked questions)
  4. Overall appearance and personality. Boring web sites and sites that are too loud/bright/busy distract people from what's important - information about YOUR business. If your site hurts people's eyes they are unlikely to return no matter how good the content.
  5. Company information: information about the doctor(s) ie. where s/he graduated from and when, picture of the clinic, address, phone number, e-mail, hours of operation.
  6. Price list of basic services such as school physicals, medical record requests, flu shots and other services not covered by insurance
  7. Links to different health-related sites.
Please note that while my examples pertain to web sites that would be built for a doctor's office or other health-care facility, the same basic features would be used in creating a website for any business.